Capital Markets

The GM team provides clients with multiple ways to strategize, execute, and track securities transactions in regional and international markets. This service covers:

  • Derivatives
  • Fixed Income
  • Commodities
  • Structured Products

The securities professionals in GM help institutional clients, including fund managers, financial service providers and large corporations, buy and sell financial instruments on exchanges around the world.

From developing trading strategies to the final clearing and execution of transactions, the team can provide insights and strategies that help clients achieve their goals.


Global Markets is a pioneer in the MENA derivatives market providing trading, sales and research. The team has a proven track record, having already established a strong foot print supporting credit, interest rate, FX, commodity and equity derivatives all over the world. Global Markets provides sales, trading and research services to clients, from banks to sovereign wealth funds and family offices.

The GM team’s objective is to deepen insight, broaden access to capital, increase cash flow and optimize operational efficiencies. This is achieved by hedging client exposure and optimizing client returns using first, second and third generation derivatives across the following asset classes:

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Interest Rates
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Credit

Structured Products

Global Markets offers unique structured products that aim to meet the specific needs of our clients across asset classes, providing greater returns and the diversification for client portfolios. The team’s expertise covers fixed income, credit, currencies, funds and alternative investments as well as commodities. The full list of products offered is as follows:

  • Interest rate linked notes and deposits
  • Equity linked notes and deposits
  • FX and commodity linked notes and deposits
  • Hybrid linked notes and deposits
  • Credit linked notes and deposits
  • Market linked notes and deposits

Fixed Income & Debt Capital Markets

Global Markets Fixed Income division actively assesses and manages risk, trades securities and structures, as well as executing innovative transactions in a fast-paced and constantly changing global market. The team has widespread experience in structuring and executing customized financing solutions for corporations.

Global Markets is in a unique position to access competitively priced bonds in the region (primary and secondary markets) and has debt capability centred on comprehensive capital structure advice. The offering is inclusive of optimal capital structure strategies and solutions, due diligence management and communication with current and potential investors.

Primary Markets: Devising funding solutions and delivering seamless execution to clients across capital markets.

Secondary markets: Global trading and execution platform across asset classes including foreign exchange, interest rates and credit products.